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  • Eureka Kikuyu
    Eureka Kikuyu

    Eureka Kikuyu is a hard-wearing, broad-bladed grass that prefers full sun to thrive. Eureka Kikuyu is a fast-growing creeping grass that is suitable for high traffic areas. The surface and underground runners will result in the hard to kill Eureka Kikuyu invading paved areas and garden beds and will require constant maintenance.

  • Sir Walter Dna Certified
    Sir Walter DNA Certified

    Sir Walter is our superior quality soft leaf buffalo grass. This broadleaf turf is drought resistant and requires minimal maintenance after establishment, compared to other turf types. Sir Walter has been born and bred for Australian conditions and is a creeping grass with surface runners, which means edges and borders are easy to maintain.

  • Nullarbor Couch
    Nullarbor Couch

    Nullarbor Couch is a hybrid fine leaf couch grass suitable for all domestic and sporting applications that have access to full sun. Nullarbor is the finest of the couches and does require care and dethatching to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.

  • Tiftuf Bermuda
    TifTuf Bermuda

    TifTuf is a hybrid Bermuda grass with a very fine leaf blade and dense growth. TifTuf is ideal for a wide variety of applications due to the ability to handle high wear situations for busy backyards and sportsfields. With the correct maintenance, TifTuf will deliver a beautiful "best lawn in the street" result.

  • Rtf Tall Fescue
    RTF Tall Fescue

    Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF) is the premium “green all year” grass for the Southern States that provides a deep emerald green lawn that is beautiful to look at and soft underfoot. RTF has underground rhizomes that enables the lawn to moderately repair itself over time and cover bare spots. RTF establishes very quickly, therefore, reducing watering needs when compared to other fescue types. Now with OXYGRID degradable mesh stabiliser

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    From mulch to soil, and including rocks and pebbles our natural garden supplies keep melbourne gardens looking beautiful for less.