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Synthetic Grass

  • All Seasons Gt
    All Seasons GT

    All Seasons GT our new premium landscaping solution that is made from 60% renewable resources and is the latest innovation by our Australian manufacturer. Classic GT has all the benefits of a durable synthetic grass but is now environmentally friendly.

  • Summer Cool 30
    Summer Cool 30

    Summer Cool 30 has a 30mm pile height and is extremely realistic looking and is one of All Seasons Synthetic Turfs most popular lawns It has two tone olive green APT CoolPlus yarn and a tan thatch. Made to look like freshly mowed lawn and is part of the CoolPlus range.

  • Winter Green
    Winter Green

    Winter Green has a 35mm pile height with a long Field green/Olive green APT CoolPlus yarn with a multi-tone subpile. Made to mimic growing grass and isand is All Seasons Synthetic Turfs part of the CoolPlus range. Australian made.

  • Lush45
    Lush 45

    Lush 45 has a 45mm pile height and is All Seasons Synthetic Turfs Flag ship of the fleet made with premium APT CoolPlus yarn and has a very lush, thick look and feel. Perfect for the kids to play on with soft cushioning. Australian made.

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    From mulch to soil, and including rocks and pebbles our natural garden supplies keep melbourne gardens looking beautiful for less.